“If it is not uploaded, it did not happen.”

Have you ever heard this line? This is the common attitude of people nowadays. Whether it is a party, a job, or a vacation, if there are no posts or photos uploaded, the event did not happen. That is how we are so dependent on the internet. It even defines our whole self. 

Same thing is happening in your business. If your business is not online, your company does not exist at all. Sometimes, people search for the business’ website to assess its credibility. People even judge if the business is legit or if it is a scam, depending on the design and the page ranking of the website. This consumer behavior is just one of the reasons that you, as a business owner, should prioritize your company’s website and how it performs in the online world. 

One effective way for your company to be visible and be credible on the internet is by using SEO or search engine optimization. While you can study SEO through courses and resources found on the internet, it is still wiser and cheaper to hire an SEO expert. Read on and know the benefits of having an SEO team handle your online presence. 


With all the resources and Youtube videos available online, you may say that you will just study SEO all by yourself and apply it to your website. That is a good idea, but is it really practical? 

Not to rain on your parade, but remember that you are a business owner. You have a lot of things to handle – the quality of your product or service, your operations, your manpower, your marketing, and kid you not; SEO must be the least of your priorities, perhaps even delegated. 

You know very well that technology is fast changing. The search engine algorithm last year may not be the same as this year. Google continuously enhances and upgrades its search engine. With these changes, studying SEO and keeping up with these changes will definitely consume all your time that should have been utilized to other parts of your life or your business. This is where an SEO specialist can greatly help you. 

SEO experts are well-trained about the ABCs of SEO and are well-adjusted with the search engines’ updates. They are the people whose task is to be always updated with the online world so that the website they are managing will have the best online presence and search engine ranking. By hiring an SEO expert for your business, you can save a lot of time by NOT doing the following:

× studying search engine optimization

× creating content for your website

× linking to other websites

× creating tags

× researching for the best keywords

× and a lot more

You can use this saved time in making your business even better, or just you, just having a better sleep


Now, you are convinced that you need to hire an SEO expert for your business. So you fired up your laptop and search for an SEO specialist. You are thinking to hire some random SEO guy who claims to be an expert. You want to hire this SEO guy because he has the lowest professional fee. Your hand is itching to click that hire button. But wait, before you make that big mistake, read this first:


Yes, you read that right. Most likely, that random SEO guy has the lowest rate because he will give you the lowest quality of work. Maybe he is a newbie and is finding an addition to his portfolio so he can land a higher-paying client next time.

You do not want to be just a portfolio-client, do you? 

Because you settled for this random guy, you have poor website ranking and poor financial returns. Because of all the frustration and regret, you therefore opted to hire another SEO guy, this time you make sure that this is a legit SEO expert. 

So this is your SEO expenses: 

Random SEO guy’s professional fee  + Legit SEO expert professional fee = 


Being a business owner, you understand very well the value of investing. You invested so much to your business because you know you will get good rewards. The same principle applies to your website. You must invest in a credible SEO expert and not just in a random guy on the internet. 

Ask the following questions before you hire an SEO expert:

A. May I see your portfolio?

The candidate must give you his sample works, client list, and all the things he did for his past clients’ websites. 

B. May I know your past clients’ business website results?

He must be confident enough to give you website insights such as traffic and engagements. 

C. May I know your process?

The SEO expert must give you a walkthrough of their process of building your website and improving your search engine ranking. This process generally involves website assessment, planning, content provision, link building, etc. 

D. May I know your payment terms and conditions?

In this part starts the negotiation and hopefully, you and the SEO expert can agree on the fees and schedule. 


As discussed above, your online presence means a lot because it can greatly determine how the consumers will perceive your brand. Having a great search engine ranking, your target audience can easily locate you, and eventually can act on your website such as hitting that purchase button. 

According to a study by Ignite Visibility, websites on the first results page get 89% of clicks. That’s a staggering number! This just means that if your website places on the second and unfortunately on the tenths of pages, you have lesser and lesser chances of getting viewed. This can greatly affect your sales and revenues. 

Now that you are confident that you need to hire an SEO expert, you can be more assured that your website can be easily discovered by your target consumers and not by just any random people on the internet. You can reach your community and your community can easily avail your services and products.

Hiring an SEO expert can save your time, save your money, deliver great results. Now that you are decided to have an SEO team to handle your business’ website, why look further? Hire Alvin John Ferias!

Alvin John Ferias is a credible SEO expert who has been years in the industry and has a long list of top clients. In his years of studying and executing search engine optimization, he has helped many businesses succeed especially with their online presence. You can be assured that he will cater to your business by specifically tailoring his services according to your business’ needs.  

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