The, released the top ten SEO experts in the Philippines for the year 2024. Icreativez
is one of the finest and an award-winning IT solutions and outsourcing company and provides technological and digital services to different countries like Europe, North America, Oceana and Asia. The company is based in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan with team of professionals ready to be deployed with their locally and internationally clients.

As part of the company’s service in the digital marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best and strategic tools to penetrate in the innovative business world. Around the world, Icreativez noticed the undeniable talents and capabilities of the Filipinos who are SEO professionals. Here is the list of the top 10 SEO experts in the Philippines:

  1. Richard Martin Linga, as one of the SEO experts in the Philippines, he creates online promotions and technical techniques that compatibly use by his clients.
  2. Laurence Thein is a SEO with an expertise in dealing with different type of customers. He worked as a SEO consultant to a company with office in Las Vegas and Orange County.
  3. Glen Dimaandal is one of most admired leaders, speaker in different digital marketing seminars in the Philippines. As an expert SEO he managed two Fortune 500 which are US companies.
  4. Alvin John Ferias, is one of the top SEO experts in the Philippines. With 10 years of SEO expertise, he specialized on providing the best solutions and service to satisfy his clients. Always on the loop of new IT trends and work closely with full attention with his team to provide the best service with his valuable clients.
  5. Cyrel Nicolas is a skilled and professional SEO consultant in the Philippines. He provides a smart and practical SEO to transcend his client’s website.

Together with the top 5 SEO experts, 6th is Gian Reyes who can make your website standout among others, 7th is John Puno is a trustworthy person with five years working experience in SEO locally. On the 8th top SEO expert is Jocelyn N, on the 9th is John Allen and 10th is Mongaya R. The skills and abilities of the Filipinos are recognized globally especially in the field of digital marketing, thanks to Icreativez because being the top leading IT solutions provider in the world, they acknowledge that the expertise and creativity of the Filipinos are world-class and the company is one of the proofs that Filipinos can competently keep up with the innovation of digital marketing.


With the fact that Filipinos are expert in SEO, Mr. Alvin John Ferias has a unique approach how to make website gain the greatest number of visitors and can turn into business clients. Mr. Ferias is from the humble province Mindoro, Philippines. Together with his team, they formulate a solution that satisfy the needs of their clients. He is the president of TO & FRO, a professional digital marketing solutions company that provides a cost-effective and competitive website development service and competitive SEO. One of the company’s objectives and practices is providing the highest-quality service, this is to ensure that the clients are receiving the excellent value of investment. Mr. Ferias is also a co-owner of Arrow Up Media, the company is a digital marketing service for 10 years and counting, the company provides the most effective Web Development and SEO that can help valued clients ahead of competition. Arrow Up Media is reliable in deploying strategic techniques that fits to the clients’ needs.

Filipino SEO Specialists has strategized techniques and in-demand not only in the Philippines’s digital market but in the global economic market. Filipino professionals and IT enthusiasts are provenly reliableand best in delivering world-class IT service.

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